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Stoutodreams Fucking killed it <3
Darkoverlord a PFFFFT who needs a full 20 >.> GREAT fucking job guys!!!
Darkoverlord a Who needs 20 people? downed with 16 in raid, great fkn job guys <3
Genetic Monstrosity

Fayytt x Finally some PVP Fixes. Next they need to add some content for the casuals to do, since they will keep the game afloat.
WataMelon Can't wait to drop a bomb on you guys <3
Hai Ron! OMG! I'm so excited to hear from you guy!
*reminder* both are f2p!
We are! Warframe and league, come join us Ron!
Play something else in the mean time!!!!
KZ massacre? Not sure bud, I know the original(s) were being held on Kel'thuzad for a while, the alliance one being held by Lorearthen(sp?) and horde by yours truely(though I haven't been online since cata lol) If it's on another server I dunno