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Stoutodreams Fucking killed it <3
Darkoverlord a PFFFFT who needs a full 20 >.> GREAT fucking job guys!!!
Darkoverlord a Who needs 20 people? downed with 16 in raid, great fkn job guys <3
Genetic Monstrosity

Fayytt x Finally some PVP Fixes. Next they need to add some content for the casuals to do, since they will keep the game afloat.
WataMelon Can't wait to drop a bomb on you guys <3
OMG Turgon! Yes I stopped joining vent too but i'll try to hang out there.
u fucks really gotta play some warframe with me sometime damnit lol
Makes me wonder how many others are looking to hang and visit the vents from time to time
I'm always around! I just forget to get in vent all the time now that I'm not currently leading a MMO lol, always in skype, on warframe or league of legends. I'll start hanging out in vent like I should though lol
man, you guys are hard to find - been popping on vent every so often and no one is ever around